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Project Management | Project Direction

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  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2021
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The Project Manager has to exercise direction, coordination, and control to execute the project efficiently. All these forces help to attain the results timely. Directing is concerned with carrying out the desired plans. It is concerned with initiating action. It consists of all activities concerning influencing, to guide the subordinates for the effective performance by the subordinates to complete the group activities. In this, we will discuss mainly Project direction and its characteristics and will also cover the functionalities of project direction. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Directing Activities :
Directing is the implementing and carrying out of those approved plans that are necessary to achieve objectives. Directing involves such steps are as follows.

  1. Staffing –
    Seeing that a professional person is chosen for every position.
  2. Training –
    Training individuals and groups on how to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
  3. Supervising –
    Giving day-to-day instructions, guidance and discipline as required so that they can fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
  4. Delegating –
    Assigning work, responsibility, and authority so that others can make maximum utilization of their abilities.
  5. Motivating –
    Encouraging others to put more effort into the successful completion of the projects.
  6. Counseling –
    Solve the personal problems and holding private discussions about how he might do better work.
  7. Coordinating –
    Bring synchronization between different activities and seeing that activities are carried out in relation to their importance and with a minimum of conflict.

Functionalities of project direction :
From the above steps, it is clear that direction is concerned with initiating action. It consists of activities related to influence or guide the subordinates to increase their efficiency in their job. These may include the following functionalities as follows.

  • Establishing effective work processes.
  • To create standards to align with sound instructional design practices.
  • Ensuring consistent interfere design for maximum usability.
  • Conducting team meetings.
  • Communicating standard of quality control through all stages.
  • Control of work.
  • Project quality plan.

Directing subordinates isn’t a simple task due to the short time duration of the project. Whenever directives are necessary, project managers must be decisive and move forward rapidly.

Characteristics of Project Direction : 
Project direction is dynamic in nature, universal performed at all levels, and is concerned with human relationships. The following features of direction bring out the nature of directing function of project management.

  • It may be a dynamic function –
    Directing is a dynamic and continuing function. A manager has got to continuously direct, guide, motivate and lead his subordinates. As with the change in plans and organizational relationships, it is the duty of the project manager to change methods and techniques of direction.
  • It initiates action –
    By directing it initiates organized and planned activities and ensures effective performance by subordinates towards the accomplishment of group activities. It is regarded as the essence of management-in-action.
  • It is a Universal Function –
    Direction is a universal function that is performed in all types of projects and at all levels of management.
  • It is concerned with human relationships –
    Directing deals with the relationship between people working on a project in an organization. It creates co-operation and harmony among the members of groups.
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