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Project Idea | Traffic Signal Control (Automatic)

Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2018
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Project Title : Traffic Signal Control (Automatic) Using Machine Learning and IoT

Introduction: In India Traffic has become a huge problem, in order to control traffic in India we use manually operated traffic lights i.e. how much time the vehicle needs to stop at the signal is decided by the traffic police at that location. Based on his experience on road and also his analysis and also if there are some medical emergencies and if they got blocked in traffic, for example, the pregnant woman got blocked in traffic then it may result in serious consequences in order to overcome these kinds of traffic problems we can install some smart systems which control traffic automatically based on the Real-time traffic and also analysis of previous traffic patterns and also if an ambulance is on the way to the hospital then using IoT we can control the signals and clear the way for the ambulance automatically.

Current popular traffic control algorithms, fixed time control algorithms, and longest queue first algorithm are not very efficient in India so we need better and optimized new system which uses machine learning and IoT to solve these problems.

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