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Project Idea | Songs Recommendation System in Android

Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2018
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Project Title: Songs Recommendation System in Android

Introduction: We all know that in today’s era internet is expanding very much and as a result, the data, as well as other importation which we want to show to a particular user, becomes difficult for the techs to recommend to their users. So here the concept of Recommendation Systems come into picture which helps the user to choose appropriately from the recommended stuff.
Recommendation Systems work on different algorithms:
1. Graph-Based recommendation.
2. Content-Based Filtering.
3. Collaborative Filtering using Machine Learning tools.

Conceptual framework:
In this project, Android Java Framework will be used along with the usage of FireBase concept.
Also in this project, there are various features to be added such as:

  • Top Trendings.
  • Best Recommended songs for users based on its activity
  • and other stuff as well along with Sign-In/Up systems as well authentication as well.

Data structures and Algorithms used in the project: In this project many types of data structures can be used such as Arraylists or stacks or mainly graphs(Graph-based recommendation system) along with certain algorithms related to searching, sorting and others too.

Tools Used: In this project, Android Studio Software will be used along with Google FireBase.

Application: This project has certain applications such as:

  • Making of Songs related app along with feature of recommending the songs
  • Besides songs other content may also be added such as Movies, Games, etc.

Here is My github Link for Project related to this ongoing project.

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