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Project Title: Social – Cop

Purpose:- A mobile-based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Every day we face many issues like a traffic jam, illegal parking, road rages, accidents etc. These can be avoided and prevented to a larger extent if and only if they are reported on time to concerned authorities.

The Android-based application can determine the location of the user very accurately using google maps app and saves it in the database, so that police can immediately go there.
The app has the real-time database, every time when a police(admin) goes to see the complaints, he always sees the new ones i.e. recently updated.
It identifies the user by email id, so that false complaints and misuse of the app can be prevented from non-beneficial people.

Constraints:- The app must be used while using location updates i.e. only after turning on the GPS.

Conceptual framework: Android studio, Firebase.

Data structures and Algorithms used in project.

  • A List is used to fetch and show the data to admin.
  • The google maps api is used to fetch the location of the user and saves it to the database.

Tools Used: Android, Firebase, Google Maps API.


  • Easy Reporting of Faults.
  • Less Corruption.
  • More Accountability.
  • Less Traffic.
  • Happy Public.

Link to project repository:

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