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Project Idea | Smart Waste Management Systems

Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2018
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Project Title: Smart Waste Management System

Introduction: One of the essential components of a smart city is a Clean and Green Environment and the crux of it is a Smart, Intelligent, and Connected Waste Management System. In Espha, I have developed a System where the Waste bins are equipped with a Compactor and a Bin Level Detection System.

Basic Idea: Mostly the Garbage bins are Underutilized, if the waste is compressed regularly it could lead to significantly higher storage of waste in the same volume of Bin, leading to lesser numbers of pickup turns and improved efficiency. For the same we can incorporate a solar based compactor which works on Linear Actuator Principle would work on the inputs from the Arduino Board.

Sensors and Actuators Involved:

  • Ultrasonic (HC-SR04) or IR Sensors are used to identify bin levels.
  • Switch along with Servo motor to trigger the Linear Actuator for Compacting the Waste bin.
  • Arduino and ESP8266(ESP-01) or NodeMCU.
  • Other Sensors like Air Quality sensors can be used to identify Foul smells which will also be used to predict pickup schedules based on Anomalies.

Technical Details:

  • The Bin level data has been integrated with Thing speak IOT cloud, for reporting and analysis.
  • I also have a great User Interface to view the route mapping, placement of Bins in the City etc.
  • Hardware Side:

    • At Hardware Side, I have employed an Ultrasonic Sensor to know the fill % of the dustbin and upload it to cloud. Further, data is uploaded to channel only if there is significant change.
    • On the basis of this Fill %, we can also run compactor, fill % is more than 45-55%. However, I wasn’t able to implement this here.
    • We can employ two or more HC-SR04 and take average instead of one sensor in order to avoid false alarms due to non-uniformity.
    • I have assigned bin Id to each smart bin. So, we can manage the bins easily, and save the cost of a GPS sensor (around 1000 Rs.).

    Cloud Channel Side: On channel I am uploading sensor data. Reason for using thingspeak:

    • Much easier to manage huge data in JSON format.
    • Can easily plot data and can do MATLAB analysis.

    UI Side: On Espha(website) side, I have at first made a secure login/register system with OAuth verification. On login, we have two options one to show bins, add bins, delete bins and another to create a route on basis of fill % of bins.


    • View of Show Bins:

    • View Of Add/delete Bins:

    • Adding Starting Point of Bins:
    • Getting optimum path:

    Conclusion: Public can also view the collection rates and which is the nearest empty bin to their house. Growing Smart Cities could be a huge potential market for such systems. Cost of this system is about 847(esp, uno and hc-sr04).+ Compactor system(according to bin). This is an initiative to take the Swachh Bharat campaign to the next level.

    Website Link:

    Youtube Link:

    Note: This project idea is contributed by Arun Siddharth(MNIT Jaipur) for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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