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Project Idea | (Smart Restaurants)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2022
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Before reading on further you can view a brief presentation of this project 

This project idea is dedicated to improve scenario in restaurants and hotels for better customer experience. The concept is simple to implement and very useful for every kind of food place whether it is a small restaurant or a big hotel. The system provides managed food delivery right to the table (without any confusion) and smart payment options for saving time. 

Key features: 

Customer side:

  • The system will be having a touch-screen device on each table showing a SMART FOOD MENU provided by the restaurant.
  • The menu will show all type of stuff available at the moment.
  • It will also provide SMART PAYMENT options which can include Credit cards, Debit cards, etc.
  • To accomplish cashless payments there will be a card swipe system fixed in the table. Also there will be a QR Code so that customers can do mobile payments easily.
  • Customers can give their feedbacks also.

Hotel staff side:

  • There will be desktop which will show the request by the customers and table number.
  • The staff can easily manage the request and deliver the fresh food right to the table to the right customer.
  • This system can reduce the confusions and will provide better user experience.



Smart food menu can be built using any of these programming languages: Java: It is a great tool to create such an application. HTML, CSS, Javascript: These tools can effectively built a website or web app. PHP and MYSQL: These languages will effectively handle all the requests and can generate dynamic notifications to the customers. 


Touch-screen device, Card swipe device and any general purpose desktop. 


  • Better customer/user experience: By providing an interactive console it will satisfy the customer very well.
  • Time saver: The delay in ordering of food in a fully packed restaurant can be overcome.
  • No confusions: Sometimes the staff of the hotel/restaurant delivers the stuff to the wrong table which is not only irritating to customer but also embarrassing to the staff member. Thus providing a smart solution we can also handle this situation.
  • Easy payments: The customer can now pay through e-wallet and Credit/Debit cards as well right from there table. Its Cashless era!!

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