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Project Idea | safeT

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2018

Project Title: safeT

SafeT is a safety application on the coveted Android platform. It is used by a person who may become a prospective victim of various crimes. It helps in letting close friends and family know about the location of the user. The main aim of the application is to work towards a crime-free society and a safe nation.
The purpose of this application is to basically send the location of the user to a few pre-decided contacts on the press of a button. The message is of the Short Messaging Service (SMS) type and thus having a running and operational Short Message Service Pack on the service provider subscription is a primary requirement of the application. The message includes a “Distress Text” which could be something like “I AM IN DANGER!”. This “Distress Text” can be edited by the user to include the language and vocal lingo which could cover a plethora of languages that are available on the phone. The message also includes the location of the user which is sent along with the distress message inside the same text field.

Problem Specification:
The recent incidents of molestation and rape have shaken the country. The level of safety and security of women has deteriorated and has left people concerned, scared and helpless. This app is a step towards reinstating the faith of women in traveling fearlessly anytime, anywhere. The unique features of this app do not only enhance the safety of the woman-user but also keep their friends and family informed of their whereabouts.


Crimes can be tracked and reported by the use of this app. Miscreants and other loose characters can be kept at bay with the help of this app. The app provides an accurate location of the user which also enables the police to reach the spot as soon as possible and increase the response time of the police ten-fold.
Aid can be provided to any person in need, at any point of time, by just knowing where he/she is or was at the time of the crime (molestation, rape, abduction, robbery, etc.).
This application enables the user to share his or her present location to close friends and family.


  • Can be used by both men and women in danger.
  • Helps cops to keep a record of dangerous places in the city.
  • Spreads awareness about unsafe sections of locality.
  • The app is targeted towards people who travel often.
  • In situations of distress, the user of the app can send an emergency message along with his/her current location.

Existing System:

The Google Play Store (link: has a variety
of applications like

  • “M-INDICATOR”- Send an alert message.
  • “RAKSHA”- Gives location of the user.

Software Requirements:
The software required for the current application is

  • Minimum android version 2.2 (Froyo).
  • Preferred android version 5.0.2(Lollipop)- for material design implementation.

Hardware Requirements: :

A device that supports Android operating system.

Limitations of the App:

  • Battery Consuming
  • Delay in location searching
  • Have to open the application to use it (no shortcuts)
  • The person should have network coverage

Conclusion and Future Scope: Application is towards a better society and crime-free world, with special protection to women against heinous felony, and crime prevention at an initial stage. The application can be used by the police to keep track of the areas where such crimes occur frequently and the patrolling schedule can be adjusted accordingly.
In the future, we plan to add an alarm feature which would help in alerting the people in the vicinity about the crime, so as to prevent cases of eve-teasing and other vagabond related troubles.

Note: This project idea is contributed by Abhijit Sahoo for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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