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Project Title: Properkodo

Introduction: Users have to mention their usernames for different websites separately in their resume and it becomes a difficult task for recruiters to open each link and see user’s activity/problems solved especially when candidates are more. The idea is to create a web portal that shows all the data of the user from all the competitive programming websites and GitHub contributions and projects through charts and graphs. When the user enters his/her details the portal will generate a unique username for that candidate and now he can mention this username in his resume and recruiters/company will just have to enter this unique username and the user’s activity will be displayed on the web page via charts and graphs.


  • Simple User authentication.
  • Can enter all their details and get a unique username.
  • Get a page of their own (, showing user’s activity and certificates (if uploaded).
  • Beautiful charts and graphs
  • User can mention the link in his/her resume.


  • Can go to the link and see user’s activity and certificates.

Stack Of The Project:

  • Language: Ruby
  • Framework: Ruby On Rails
  • Database: MySQL


  • Front End:
    A form that will accept usernames of different websites (github, geeksforgeeks etc )and generate a unique username.
    A form that accepts a unique username and will show the user’s activity.
  • Back End:
    Web scraping (using nokogiri): GeeksforGeeks, Codechef, Hackerearth, Hackerrank.
    Web api: Github, Codeforces.

1. Will be used by students and companies both to view the user’s activity on different websites in a single portal.
2. Only a single username to write on the resume.
3. Activity will be showcased via beautiful and attractive graphs and charts.

For web scraping:
For web api:
For attractive charts and graphs:

Github: Properkodo

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