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Project Idea – Online Voting Portal

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2022
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As we know we all are going through this pandemic of COVID-19. We all are facing many problems in our day-to-day lives. Not only us but even all the people/patients who have/had been affected during the pandemic. And among all these remedies came the election. We all know the election was held at the respective areas and that too physically. Even if the COVID guidelines were followed, many people weren’t able to give a vote in the situation. That’s because some people were not physically able to go to the booth for voting. We all know that voting is the right of every citizen eligible. This remedy can also result in getting the wrong person as our political leader. Thus, something must be done about it.

Solution Idea 

As we know that there is a facility for the ones who aren’t physically capable of arriving at the booth by the government. They do send a transport facility. But not all areas are responded as expected for the transport facility. But that’s for the ones who can AT LEAST TRANSPORT THROUGH VEHICLE. What about the ones who can’t? That’s where we come in with a Voting Portal App and that too Online.

Detailed Idea

Well, nowadays, majority of the people are using smartphones. Well, we are developing an online voting portal through which people can easily vote from their homes and that too without even getting up. The app will let any respective person according to their Voter ID. Through this portal, each vote will be directly recorded in the database accessed by the government itself. Thus, no interference in between will be required as well as possible. As we know there is already a Voter’s Portal. But firstly, it is in website form, and secondly, it doesn’t allow the user to place a vote. For Example


In this project, the major technologies used will be Android and iOS.

Required Skillset: The required skills for this project will be JAVA and Swift language.

How Does it work?

The app will firstly open the login page where the user will have to enter the Voter ID details for the respective person to vote. Next, the app will require to scan the Voter ID barcode as well as user will have to enter OTP to confirm the Voter ID number as well as for fake ID(s). After the ID verification is done, the user will have to scan the face. This face scan will be compared with the Voter ID card photo. As the final verification is complete, the list of representatives to be voted will appear. Users will be able to select only any one of the representatives. As soon as the representative is selected/tapped, the screen will be redirected back to the login page. This is because one person can only give one vote. Still, even if anyone tries to log in again with the same details, an error message will pop up telling that the user has already voted. This portal will only open the login page if any election is going on. Otherwise, the portal app will show only one message; ”No Election Running, Please Visit On Election Date Only.” And the portal will be active only in the given time defined by the government. And just before the person can proceed to vote; the person’s face will be verified and a pic of the respective person will be clicked as well. Further on, if the person’s face matches the user’s official details; then only the vote will be counted, or else, it will not be counted. 

To make this possible we will have to go through some government issues. Such as, the permission to access the database for Voter ID(s). And the connection to government details directly as well. This may take time, but it’s for the sake of handicaps as well as the ill. One more issue is that our Election Cards do not contain the details of our face-ID or our fingerprint. Thus, as a solution to that issue; we will be linking the AADHAAR CARD details of the citizen along with the election card details for authorization purposes. 


This is a small try from my side to help each person who is unable to travel to the booth(s) to vote. Our country definitely deserves a better experience.

Real-Time Example

For example, nowadays we are seeing that many MNC(s) are having a voting system for some of the positions in their committee. The same goes for large organizations such as IFC [Indian Foundry Congress], NSIC, etc.

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