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Project Idea | Online Trial Room
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2018

Project Title: Online Trial Room

Introduction: Purpose of the program is to let the customer try clothes on their 3 Dimensional Model created on screen using image processing technique.

Conceptual framework:

    Design and methods to be used :

    • Customer:

    • Customer can capture their whole body image using camera and provide their height and measurements.
    • Their image and measurements will be processed to create their 3 Dimensional Model on the customers mobile screen.
    • Customer can choose clothes in the app and see their model wearing those clothes.
    • They can visit the address provided or can buy the clothes online.
    • Clothes Seller:

    • Seller needs to provide the measurements of cloth, color, age range, price.
    • Seller need to upload the front and back image of cloth.
    Features Provided:

  • Lets the customer make better choices while buying clothes online.
  • Provides safety.


Techniques: Image processing techniques.

Tools Used: Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, Android, Any Programming language that allows networking.

Applications: Online Shopping, Gaming to create a real world avatar.

Note: This project idea is contributed for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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