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Project Idea | Next Stop

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Project Title: Next Stop
This is a software which lets the bus passengers know about the upcoming bus stop. Generally, if a passenger is new to a city or new to a certain route, he/she misses his/her destination. This sometimes creates a problem. I have also faced this issue, not once but many times. So, it all boils down the software’s sole purpose i.e. the passengers can keep the track of the coming bus stop and enjoy the journey without disturbing other passengers or the conductor asking about the next stop and worrying for nothing. The software will be run on a wide display at the entrance of the bus so that everyone’s able to see it. It will display the map of the route and in large font, the upcoming bus stop. To add some extra features, it can keep track of all the passengers on board, and keep updating the list while the passengers board and leave the bus dynamically. This passenger track keeping can also help in maintaining less rush in the vehicle, allowing only a limited number of passengers.
Since India is moving very fast to a Digital India, this software can really create a big push.


  1. Displays the ongoing bus route on the Google map.
  2. Display the upcoming bus stop.
  3. Dynamically maintain and display the list of passengers onboard.
  4. Calculates the complete earnings (fare of passengers) over the route.
  5. Updating drop location and dynamically changing fare.

E-R Diagram: Includes just one table



Data Structure And Algorithms:

  • Array manipulation(required to maintain the list of passengers).
  • Greedy(Sorting): The passengers will be sorted by their boarding time.

Tools Used:

  • Google Maps API
    (Maps JavaScript, Places, Directions, Distance Matrix)
  • Tomcat (Apache HTTP Server)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • PHP, AjAX (BackEnd)
  • HTML/CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript (FrontEnd)

This software will be installed with necessary hardware onto the transport buses. It will ease the travel journey of the passengers as they now won’t be worried about their stop, just one look on the display screen of this the software will let them know about the upcoming stop. Now people won’t miss their bus stops as they usually did because of unknown routes.

GitHub Link:

Research: Gone through the Google Maps API official documentation, then created the entire framework of the project. Here is the link to documentation:

Note: This project idea is contributed by Praveen Kumar for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2018
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