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Project Idea | Master Board – Boost your learning curve with productivity tool

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Introduction: Are you a student? Unable to find the best e-learning resources online? Unable to track your learning progress? Did this pandemic affect your learning curve? 

Master Board – Web application that is actually a productivity tool to improve your learning curve where you can search the best-recommended courses available online and start learning with our KanBan way learning to keep track of your learning progress. All this is just one click away from your Chrome New Tab. Yes, you heard right, you can add this as your Chrome Extension. And it’s not all that, you can add your favorite YouTube playlist as a course to keep progress effectively with our KanBan way learning.

The web app can be accessed either by URL or by adding a Chrome Extension as said earlier. The user can authenticate by their Google Account and start learning.

Home Page and Course Overview

Drag and Drop – You can just drag the course modules and drop them in the TODO section. To start and track the progress, drag and drop the module into the DOING section and proceed. After completion, drag, and drop in the DONE section.  

User Learning Board

Request Course – When you’re unable to find the required course on our app, well you can get it here through the request course option. You can get it immediately if any other person has already added the course or soon it will be available and you will be notified. This feature is designed to provide interactive learning for active students. It helps students to find their desired course. Also, by entering any YouTube Playlist URL of your favorite content creator to instantly make that a course and add that into the user board.

All this just can be accessed either through the web app link or by adding a Chrome Extension once we publish the application publicly.

The above features are so user-friendly that each student would like to maintain while self-learning. KanBan way learning is now being habituated by students, maintaining self notes and self-learning is going to help them gain knowledge easily. Students can now depend upon themselves to gain knowledge on technologies. Just like social media, how unknowns become friends and chat, all the learners will communicate, exchange information, and gain knowledge.  





Tools and Technologies used to build this project:

  • AngularJS (Frontend Framework)
  • Firebase (Backend-as-a-service) for authentication and database

Future Enhancements: These are some upcoming features we are planning to build and some of them are already ongoing in the development phase.

  • Approved Content creators can add their courses via Admin Dashboard.
  • Users can start learning right in the web application itself instead of redirecting to the course source.
  • The learning modules of the course will be timestamped and can be accessed by users only if they complete previous learning modules of that Day.
  • Only current days or previous backlog learning modules will be displayed onboard.
  • Developing and publishing this entire web application as Chrome Extension.

Project Demo Video:

Team Members:

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Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2021
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