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Project Title: Jal Sanrakshan

One Line Idea: Gamify water conservation

Indian households water use involves a water storage system called a ‘tank’ which stores water from where water is consumed. And its also the fact that we are in the midst of severe water crises, thanks to global warming and other contributing factors. Its high time everybody starts preserving water, one of the way of doing which is ‘better and conscious consumption of water’. My idea is an attempt to do just this.

To build an Arduino based app which notes down the water flow(water that came out of the tank) and sends it to the app.

The app will then ask the user to tell the activity he consumed water for. The current water reading will then be compared with earlier readings to check if the water consumed was less or more than before. If less, it will be updated as the best reading yet, else the user will be shown ways to better water consumption right on the app.

Different readings will be maintained for different chores(activities like washing dishes, washing fruits, bathing, restroom use) and will be regularly updated to the best reading yet.

This system will have a game like implementation, thus GAMIFYING(through a leaderboard system) the whole experience. Best consumptions will be encouraged through POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT(human psychology) techniques(like giving cash backs, reimbursement of water bills, media recognition, and the likes).

Note: Increasing the sensitivity of the water flow sensor can also help in detecting WATER LEAKS.

User control flow

user control flow

user control flow


  • An interface to show best consumptions in all chores
    jal sanrakshan home

    jal sanrakshan home

  • Easy UI to identify activity.
    identify activity

    identify activity

  • Easy and secure auth
    easy and secure auth

    easy and secure auth

  • Strong boxing and installation of hardware system to protect from tough weather.
  • Future:Intelligent auto selection of activities depending on the water consumption amount, time of consumption and user’s habits.


  • compareCurrentWithBest
  • compareCurrentWithBest(int currentReading, char chore[]){
     int bestReading = min(currentReading, best reading for "chore") ;
     update best reading for "chore" with bestReading ; 
  • listAllReading
  • listAllReading(char chore[]){
      forEach(reading in readings){
        prepend to readingList;
      show readingList to user;
  • identifyActivity : function called to ask user to identify chore or activity in which water was used.
  • identifyActivity(int currentReading, choreList[String]){
      show user the list of chores and activity ;
        record current reading as best for that chore;
        list new activity to choreList;
       } else {
       user selects activity;
       compareCurrentWithBest(currentReading, chore/activity);

Tools used

  • JavaScript
  • Water Flow Sensor / Fluid FLowmeter Control Switch YF-S201
  • Firebase
  • Arduino Uno
  • MongoDB


  • In Indian water storage systems to analyze water storage and improve water conservation practices.

Future plans

  • Tie ups with digital payment services like, payTM, freecharge for cash back schemes and easy bill payments.
  • Improving the system for better and more consistent reading.
  • Use AI to automatically detect the type of domestic activity from the water consumption reading and then work forward. This will lead to a self-sustaining system in which user has to make no effort other than improving his practices, of course 😛 .


Note: This project idea is contributed by Parikshit Hooda for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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