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Project Idea | FILEit – An online filing system

Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2021
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FILEit is an online filing system, where one can keep a record of its purchases and additional perks that come along with it.  It is a web app designed to ease the user’s after-purchase experience of a product. Not only it helps the user save time but also money.

Objective: Let’s take a real-life example, Let’s say you buy a product Ex- a fridge and after some time you face some problems with it, let’s say the door light stops working. So you obviously claim your warranty. But most of the time what happens is that you forget to claim the warranty because filing a complaint is a hassle. First, you have to find your receipt, then look for the warranty expiration date, then call customer care and provide various serial no. and details, which is really long and painful task. And what usually happens due to laziness is we forget to claim the warranty of the product within time and then have to pay huge repair fees.

FILEit is a web app that is designed to solve this problem. First of all, FILEit stores all your bills, insurance papers, etc. in one place. It also sends you a reminder to remind you that the warranty is going to expire soon so you may claim your warranty. Not only that you can directly send all the product details directly to the company mail and easily schedule an appointment with a technician, thus saving you money and time.

Tools Used:

  • Frameworks:
    • Firebase
    • Express
    • React
    • Node JS
    • GCP tools
  • Development:
    • Docker
    • Heroku

Required Skillset: You should have a good grasp of web technologies like ReactJS, CSS, and databases like Firebase, etc.


  1. First, we create API routes to store data in the firebase.
  2. Then we create API routes to send mail through Sendgrid.
  3. We then needed to automate those routes to send mails on their own to the users so that can get reminders regarding their product warranty. To accomplish this, we used a cloud scheduler with firebase functions which automatically run the code every day.
  4. Then we designed the frontend of the website in React.
  5. Then we used docker and created an image.
  6. And finally deployed it on Heroku.

Project Application:

  1. The project will help the user to keep all their product receipts in one place and therefore it will be easier for them to access them easily instead of looking through their binders and folders for receipt.
  2. It will also allow the user to register a complaint by just clicking a button which will save the user from going through the trouble of calling the customer care no. and wait in their annoying waiting line, then give them product serial no. and all that details.
  3. It will also send a reminder to tell the user that the product warranty is going to expire, so he may claim the warranty in time if there are issues with the product, saving him from the expenses he will have to pay for after the warranty expires.

Vision: To create a centralized filing system for easy compilation of all your purchases with regular reminders of expiring warranty or guarantee, we wish to optimize billing and provide multi-modal support. For example, scanning bills to make a soft copy of handwritten documents, supporting bills compiled in multiple languages. We also aim to connect customers and clients to clarify any problem a user can experience. We see a future where every vendor, household, and enterprise uses FILEit to compile their bills and are constantly reminded of the services that come along with the product.

Team Members:

  1. Yash Bansal
  2. Karan Sharma
  3. Jayesh Vasudeva

Project Demo: 

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