Project Idea | Baby Monitoring Smart Cradle

Project Title: Baby Monitoring Smart Cradle

As we are very well familiar with the hurdles faced by Parents to nurture their infant and especially in case if both the Parents are working. To give 24 hours of time in such cases is next to impossible. Thus, we need to develop something unique that can help Parents to have a continuous surveillance/watch on the Baby/Infant and can notify about the same.
Thus, we have come up with an idea to design a Smart Cradle System using IOT which will help the Parents to monitor their child even if they are away from home & detect every activity of the Baby from any distant corner of the world.
BABY MONITORING SMART CRADLE – How it is a boon for Parents?
It is an innovative, smart & protective Cradle System to nurtue an infant in an efficient way. This system considers all the minute details required for the care & protection of the Baby in the cradle. The design of smartness & innovation comes with the use of technologies/methodologies which include Internet Of Things (IOT) (Modules like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Humidity & Temperature sensing), Swing Automation, Cry Detecting Mechanism, Live Video Surveillance, Cloud Computing (Data Storage) & User Friendly Android Mobile Application (for User Controls).
In order to detect each & every activity of Baby, different Sensors/Modules are attached to the Cradle: Humidity & Temperature Sensing Module for detection of Wetness of the bed, A Camera on top of the Cradle for live video footage & Cry Detection Circuit to analyse Cry Patterns which eventually triggers the swinging mechanism (if required based on the range of frequency).
All the data which is been taken from the sensors/modules will be stored in Cloud (Google Firebase) & analyzed at regular intervals. A Health Algorithm is applied to these datasets to get information about the body conditions which is helpful as any regular symptoms of a disease can be identified easily.
An instant mobile notification will be generated if any abnormal activity is detected (something unusual OR crying of baby OR wetness due to Baby Urine) in the Android Mobile Application which has been developed. It has UI controls which include the feature of controlling the swinging mechanism of the cradle (can be turned on, turned off & can maintain the speed of swing), control for switching on the camera live footage & controls for playing the toy/projector whenever the baby cries.

Conceptual Framework:

    Product Code Design:
    The coding section has been divided into three major sections:

  1. Interfacing of Raspberry Pi using Python 3 programming
  2. Interfacing of Arduino using Arduino C programming
  3. Interfacing of Android Mobile Application using Android programming (Java + XML)
    Product Features:

  • Analysis of Infant Activities
  • Video Enhancement
  • Instant Mobile App Notification
  • Better Monitoring of Baby
  • Automisation of System
  • Real-Time Database
  • Accurate Sensors
  • Cry Analysis Pattern
  • Analog to Digital Conversion


  • Tools Used:
    • Software Used:
      1. Advanced IP Scanner
      2. PuTTY
      3. WinSCP
      4. Raspbian OS
      5. Arduino IDE – v 1.8.5
      6. Notepad++ – v 7.5.6
      7. Python IDLE – v 3.4
      8. Android Studio – v 3.0.1
    • Hardware Used:
      1. Raspberry Pi 3
      2. Arduino Mega
      3. DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
      4. Sound Microphone (Input)
      5. USB Camera
      6. NPN Transistors
      7. PN Junction Diodes
      8. IC chip (L293D)
      9. 10k ohm Resistors
      10. LEDs
      11. DC Motor (30 rpm)
      12. Plastic Gear
      13. 9v batteries

Project Youtube Link:

Project Drive Link:

Project Images:

This product/project is totally safe in terms of electricity & other hazards for the Baby/Infant. Only sources required are the 9v batteries & the Adapter to turn on the Raspberry Pi. The whole system is compact and the important modules can be merged into a box kept aside from the sleeping bed of the Baby. The system is going to be 24 hour Nanny of the Baby with constant monitoring.

Created By:
1) Manas Dhruve –
2) Riya Doshi
3) Divya Bhatia
(Students of L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India))

Note: This project idea is contributed for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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