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Project Title: ArticleArea

Introduction and Purpose: ArticleArea is an attempt to provide a platform to share and manage news articles online. Right now, there is no platform entirely dedicated to people where they can share interesting news articles, tag them by keywords, store articles them for later reading, discover what others are reading, trending articles pulled in from different news portals, follow interesting and same genre readers besides other functionalities.


  • Slick UI.
    articlearea home

    articlearea home

  • A Google Chrome browser extension to save and share article without changing tabs.
    articlearea browser extension

    articlearea browser extension

  • Easy and secure auth:
    articlearea auth

    articlearea auth

  • Trending articles: A filter as an add-on to search trending articles in particular genres.
  • Read articles analysis
  • Ability to upvote/downvote and share articles
  • Ability to report fake news on the platform. A check will be performed to see if the article was taken in from a trusted and reliable news portal. Moderators for different categories can be assigned to monitor reports and take decisions.
  • Searching articles by tags or keywords.
  • Updated feed(like Facebook) to see what people who are being followed are reading.
  • Ability to track a certain news for more updates. Related information will be pulled in from the reliable sources and brought to a single place. This will help in creating focus groups for a particular story or topic.
    articlearea story track

    articlearea story track

Sample Response from Article Extractor

  "title": "Digital Native: How smart cities can make criminals out of denizens",
  "author": null,
  "published": "2018-07-15T06:00:11.000Z",
  "url": "",
  "image": "",
  "videos": [],
  "keywords": ["criminals", "users", "smartness", "cities", "strange", "technologies", "web", "denizens",
 "human", "digital", "smart", "order", "city", "native"],
  "description": "People download information and share it without knowing about the intellectual property
 rights. On social media bullying, harassment and hate speech find easy avenues.",
  "body": "It was strange to look at all the promises that ‘smartness’ would deliver — it would increase
 safety and create order out of chaos. It was strange to look at all the promises that ‘smartness’ would
 deliver — it would increase safety and create order out of chaos.\n\nI first heard about smart cities
 in 2003. Sitting in India, it seemed to be a very strange concept being developed in the Netherlands,
 where the planners were trying to arm an entire city with smartness. The idea was that if we deploy
 enough cameras, devices that see, machines that hear, and data connectivity that envelopes the city
 in a seamless cloud, it might lead to more order, discipline, and control.\n\nFor all the latest Eye
 News, download Indian Express App"

Data Structures

articlearea data structures and reference

articlearea data structures and reference

Tools Used: