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Programming languages one should learn in 2018

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A quite frequent development has been observed over the past few years in programming languages, the old ones are getting replaced by the new one. It’s very important for us to be updated with the current trends of programming languages in the market in order to promote latest technological innovations. According to the trends observed in stackoverflow, freelancing websites, job market in the top multi-national companies and the startups, here are the best programming languages that will take over the market in 2018.

  1. Python

    Frankly speaking, python has to be on the top of all and the reason behind that is big data analysis and machine learning. There are many of the latest technologies that use python as their core language. It is a great start for the beginners and in the year 2017 it has been observed that it has been gaining the trust of young developers. Whether we consider penetration testing or the frameworks like django for designing web apps or the analysis of data like numpy, pandas or matplotlib this language has shown its supreme power in every aspect.

  2. PHP

    It is one of the languages that are widely used in a number of websites. Statistics show that it is being used 80% of the top 10 million websites in some way or the other, including WordPress, Wikipedia and Facebook. It has great flexibility and performance in solving the problems. You can find many of the frameworks that are developed in PHP like Laravel framework, which is used for developing large web applications. It is considered to be a good choice for web development for the server side scripting.

  3. Javascript

    There is an insane growth in the usage of this language also. You might have not used it to its fullest and there were lot of flaws in this language but it has been improved quite a lot in 2017. Now you can handle almost everything with it. You can work with Node.js in the backend and for front end you can use Angular.js and React.js and can completely rely on it. If we consider mobile applications, ionic framework and react native framework are completely able to handle all the android and IOS apps and that’s the main reason behind why the companies like Facebook are shifting towards javascript for their web, android, IOS or any other implementation.

  4. C#

    It is one of the most advanced and convenient programming languages. It is not just a main development language for the Microsoft .NET framework but also getting popular in game development and Xamarin. Gaming industry is on a boom nowadays, platforms like Unity and Blender are widely on demand and if we talk about mobile development in for android, iOS or Windows Phone, Xamarin is something that uses C# class and libraries for development of all the three mobile platforms. So for developing apps you will not have to learn the specific language for each platform.

  5. R

    Another programming language which is widely used for machine learning. It is said to be the rival of python. It has great features of data visualization for the data analysis. Most of the machine learning algorithms can be easily implemented in R. These are the reasons why it has stolen the limelight of python a bit.

  6. Swift

    This language was developed by Apple in order to replace Objective-c. Apple sells a very high amount of devices every year regardless of their price and quality. Therefore there is a huge ecosystem for all those who want to develop applications and software for the apple based devices. Swift is the only way for them to do so. It has improved code readability and many more exciting features in comparison to Objective-c. It is now very popular and has dominated Objective-c.

  7. SQL

    How can we forget the heart of internet! SQL is still on the top because of it great usage in internet and database management system. Every other company needs to design a database and for that SQL knowledge is must for them.

  8. Kotlin

    As we know that Kotlin has been declared as the official language for the android application development with Android Studio, therefore from 2018 there will be a high demand for its programmers. Along with java it can be used for android app development. We will see a gradual depletion of java and dominance of Kotlin in Android Studio in the coming years. That’s why specially the upcoming android developers should learn Kotlin in order to get recognition in the IT sector.

  9. Moreover, the languages C, C++ and Java cannot be ignored. These are the core languages of Computer Science and Engineering and they will still prevail in the industry.


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    Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2022
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