Which Programming Language to Choose?

The one of the most annoying question today is which programming language should be chosen for a sake of education/career or anything. Answer for this question for many of programmer ends up with C or C++, or mostly onto Java but why c? why c++? Why Java?. Today most software exists, to solve a problem but also to interfere with another software. nowadays inter dependency is taking a growth.

Consider an e.g. Google uses 4 Official Programming language

So, connecting each and every module is important. Here the aspect is important that we, should know about these 4-programming languages to solve this inter dependency.

Many programming languages are out there in market. Each one changes with syntax, complexity, behavior, feature, but always remember their core remains same

While learning our first programming language it is quite difficult to learn syntax, understand it’s meaning, to solve error, proper compilation. But then after it is easy to learn another language. we have to take in consideration about its syntax, feature, & the difference.

It’s not important to understand each and everything for first time

If you are worrying about your placement, job, career. you should take in mind that the companies like google /Microsoft asked you to solve a problem in whatever language you feel comfortable

Still in confusion ??? than take in consideration about these points

  1. Company you want to join:
    Take a short overview of that company. which programming language are they using …. What aspects they are taking in consideration

    e.g. Amazon uses JavaScript for front-end and Java, C++ and Perl for back-end. so, if you want to join Amazon you should be focusing on these languages.

  2. Area of Interest:
    If you are interested in android than you should go for Java (while some portion
    of code can be in C, C++, Kotlin).

    Similarly, for Web -Development you should be aware of NodeJS. To mine Website for data Python is must. To become Back-End developer SQL is needed.

Ultimately Choosing Programming language depend on what you want to do.

Plenty of Programmer become frustrated because they are not getting what they are doing. so, they keep switching language. Always remember is you understood what you are doing they you are not going to learn anything new.

Always be master in one rather than to learn multiple Programming Language. Any language you choose you should be confident and efficient in that.

Good Luck!

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