Program for Reversed String Pattern

Given a string str as the input. The task is to print the pattern as shown in the example.


Input : str = “geeks”
Output :
e e
* s k
Explanation :
In the first line print the first character in the string.
In the second line print the next two characters in reverse order.
In the third line there are not enough characters to print so append *s and print the characters in reverse order.

Input: str = “orange”
a r
e g n


  • Initialize an empty list and a variable x with value 1.
  • Traverse through the input string str and append the characters to the list.
  • If the length of the list is equal to the value of x then
    1. Print the characters in the list in reverse order.
    2. Increment the value of x by 1.
    3. Empty the list
  • If the length of the last printed characters is not 0 and it is less than the value of x then append x-length(x) *s and print it in reverse order.




# function to print the pattern
def reverseString(str):
    # initialize an empty list
    r = []
    # initialize the value of x as 1
    x = 1
    # traverse through all the characters of x
    for i in str:
        # append all the characters to the list
        # if the length of the list is x
        if len(r)== x:
            # print the list in revere order
            # increment the value of x
            x+= 1
            # empty the list
            r = []
    # if the list is not empty 
    # length of the list is less than x
    if len(r)<x and len(r)!= 0:
        # print x-len(r) *s and the reversed list
        print('* ' * (x-len(r)), *reversed(r))
# get the input string 
str = "geeks"
# calling the function to print the pattern



e e
* s k

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