ProGeek Cup 1.0 – A Project Competition by GeeksforGeeks

ProGeek Cup 1.0 – A Project Competition by GeeksforGeeks

Congratulations winner teams! Please contact for certificate and prizes.

Winner Projects of this Competition are :

  1. JamFree (Vaibhav Khandelwal, Divyanshi Mangal & Pranau Kumar
  2. Voice Based Email for Visually Challenged (Pronab Mukherjee, Harsh Agarwal & Gaurav Miglani
  3. LinkBook (Nikhil Kumar, Himanshu Gupta & Sanchit Agarwal)

Special Appreciations:

progeek-cup1-0Format of Project Idea

NOTE : The below fields are suggestions to organize content of you project and are optional. You may write your project idea in a way that suites the project.

  1. Project Title : Name of project
  2. Introduction: Purpose and features of the system, the interfaces of the system, what the system does, the constraints under which it must operate.
  3. Conceptual framework:
    • Design and methods to be used
    • Features Provided
  4. Diagrams:  Relevant diagrams like ER-diagram, UML diagrams, etc
  5. Data structures and Algorithms used in project.
  6. Tools Used: Softwares  used for the Project. For example: Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database and interpreters for scripts.
  7. Application: Where this project can be used?

Following additional topics may also be provided:
1) A link to project repository (Github, Bitbucket, Codeplex, etc).
2) Link to youtube video may also be provided.
3) Research work done by you to make this project happen.

An example project idea
Project Idea | (Remote Lab Assistance)


  • I Prize – 10K Cash Prize + GeeksforGeeks  goodies + Certificate + Recommendation Letter for “Best Project Award at GeeksforGeeks” + Recommendation on Linkedin  for “Best Project Award at GeeksforGeeks”
  • II Prize – 5K Cash Prize +GeeksforGeeks  goodies + Certificate +  Recommendation on Linkedin
  • III Prize – 3K Cash Prize +GeeksforGeeks  goodies + Certificate + Recommendation on Linkedin


  • Assistance in placements
  • Boosts your resume very obviously
  • Selected students will be given preference for upcoming “Code Geek” Internships at GeeksforGeeks
  • Connects you with the world and lets you share your skills with others

    Rules of the Competition

  • Team size can be 1 to 4 students. Only students currently enrolled at a college/university are eligible.
  • A Faculty Advisor can also be associated and would be encouraged  with the project.
  • Excellent and Innovative ideas – Implementation of the project is Optional provided the idea is good, useful or innovative.
  • Prizes listed are per team.
  • Innovative Projects around GeeksforGeeks would  also be  encouraged.

How to submit your Project Idea ?

  1. Click on and submit your article using SUBMIT YOUR PROGEEK IDEA BUTTON mentioning Category as Project.
  2. You can also email your idea to with Subject : Project Idea.
  3. There is no registration. All you need to do is submit your idea. You can mention all team member names at the bottom of your submission.
  4. Use these guidelines to write the article on your ProGeek Idea –
  5. Any plagiarism detected in the article will disqualify the author.
  6. In case of any doubt please contact Mr. Dheeraj Jain – Facebook , LinkedIn. You can also drop a mail to

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