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Profil3 – Find Potential Profiles of a Person in Kali Linux

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021

Profil3 is a free and open-source tool available on GitHub. This tool is used to find potential profiles of a person on different sites. This tool is based upon OSINT Technology, which means Open Source Intelligence technology. This tool allows its users to find potential profiles of a person on social network sites, websites, and web applications. This tool also finds the email address associated with that user’s id. The tool provides you with many features. This tool will give you an alert to the presence of a data leak for the found emails. This tool is written in python. You must have python installed in your Kali Linux in order to use the tool. The Profil3 interface is very similar to Metasploit 1 and Metasploit. Profil3 provides a command-line interface that you can run on Kali Linux. The interactive console provides a number of helpful features, such as command completion and contextual help.


Step 1: Open your Kali Linux operating system and install the tool using the following command.

git clone
cd Profil3r/
python3 install

Step 2: The tool has been downloaded and installed successfully. Use the following command to run the tool.

python3 -h

 The tool is running successfully. Now we will see an example of using the tool.

Example 1: Use the profil3r tool to find out all the internet information of the user.

python3 -p <user name>

Enter your username to scan.

You can see the tool has given all the publicly available information of the user. You can use the tool to scan your target username also. 

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