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Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog in Software Engineering

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  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2021
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Prerequisite : Agile Software Development, Scrum, Sprint and Sprint Call

Agile project management can be a great help but it may seems complex if it is not fully realized. There are unique terms in agile and ways of working that can be confusing for those who are new to the methodology.

Things can become useless if the whole team is not familiar with the agile structure and its terms. Product backlog and Sprint backlog are two likely confusing terms, both are essential for planning and emphasize tasks in a project. So, in this article we will know about Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog.

Product Backlog :
Product backlog is compiled of all the things that must be done to complete the whole project. But it’s not an easy task. Product backlog breaks down each of the items on the record into a series of steps that helps the development team. So, the team knows when to start the work and how long they have until they must finish it by the time given to them. With the help of task management software, this process can be accelerated.

The product backlog is shrinking because it should be removed from the product backlog list once a task is completed. Sometimes, however, new items are added, as the project grows.

What is an Effective Product Backlog ?

  1. The product backlog concept is simple enough, it can be clumsy, as it’s composed of all things that must be complete to bring in a successful project.
  2. Skill set required to break each of those individual tasks into a series of steps, One must know the project inside and outside that can then be appointed to the team, who not only complete it but must understand it.

Sprint Backlog :
The product backlog is like a superset of the sprint backlog. The sprint backlog evolves from the product backlog, but it holds less items, that can be completed within each agile sprint. Like in each sprint some features needs to be developed which comes under sprint backlog.

The sprint backlog will determine by the difficulty of the project, but overall the knowledge is to dedicate the team only to those tasks that can be completed within the sprint. Naturally, it is a complex project that sprint backlog can also develop in complexity and length.

Disparate the product backlog, however, the sprint backlog is unchanged during the period of the sprint. Only during the sprint planning meeting, it can also be changed. They will be added again to the product backlog and addressed during the next sprint if there are items left incomplete by the end of the sprint.

What is an Effective Sprint Backlog ?

  1. The sprint backlog is easier to create by definition. It’s shorter, more absorbable, but that doesn’t mean it can be grown without thinking strategically about the ability of the team and the resources at hand.
  2. An expert in scrum methodology who guides through experience and skill so it’s up to the development team and the scrum master to know what the team can do by having a good estimation of their ability.

Working of Product Backlog and the Sprint Backlog Together :

  • To work effectively, the difference between a product backlog and a sprint backlog and interaction between both must be understood to move the project forward.
  • During the plan meeting, everyone on the development team should discuss how it will be completed and what must be done.
  • The product backlog list objects are moved to a sprint backlog list.
  • Then each object on the sprint backlog is divided into steps, that will be taken to complete the object.
  • Once started there can not be changed to the steps needed to complete them.
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