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Procol Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2020

Procol visited our campus(virtually) in September for the campus hiring(SDE intern + FTE class of 2021). 

Round 1 Talent Decrypt online test: Total duration of 90 mins.

The test consists of 2 sections:21 MCQ’s and 3 coding questions. MCQ’s were based on concepts of networking, operating systems, MySQL and oops.

Coding questions 1

Minimum changes required to make all Array elements Prime.

Coding question 2

Basic String-based question

Coding question 3

I was able to do 1 and 2 question completely and 3rd question partially (out of 3 test cases I got 2 passed).

Out of 230 students, 23 were shortlisted.

Round 2:(Technical Interview 1 Around 60 mins)

Discussion about my projects and Internships.

Ds Algo Questions

1. Find the square root of number up to given precision using binary search.

2. Find the index of first 1 in an infinite sorted array of 0s and 1s

3. Object-based question

I was able to do 1st and 3rd in the most optimized way and 2nd partially.

Database questions

1. What is normalization?

2. Explain any of the normal forms. (I explained first normal form)

3 What is 2nd normal form?

Some basic Networking and Operating system questions

Out of 23 students, 10 got shortlisted to next round.

Round 3:

It was a mix of both technical and HR round on google meet.

Discussion about company, role and why are you suitable for this role?  

2 coding questions were asked. [I was able to solve them completely using Hashing].

Out of 10 students, 5 got an offer from Procol.

 [Important point: Always read the job description carefully and do some research about the company. It will surely help you in your interviews]

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