Process Workflows in Software Project Management

Before going into Software Process Workflows in software project management, let’s first clear these two terms: Workflow, and Software Process Workflows

  1. Workflow –
    In general workflow refers to the series of sequential tasks those are performed to achieve certain goal. Each workflow step is defined by three parameters i.e input, transformation, and output. In workflow process a series of actions are performed to achieve a business outcome.

  2. Software Process Workflows –
    Software process is the set of related activities those are performed to get a software product as an outcome and there the software process workflows leads the software developments in a linear way by performing series of sequential tasks.

There are top 7 Software Process Workflows in Software Project Management –

  1. Management workflow –
    Some of the essential steps of controlling process are carried out in management workflow. The artifacts include Software Development Plan (SDP), business case, vision etc.
    Ensuring win win condition for stake holders in terms of developing, executing and implementing software project.

  2. Environment workflow –
    Automating the process to coordinate and integrate tools and people with process through workflow which in terms reduces human errors and enables faster development with faster resource allocation and response to the issues. Evolving the maintenance environment for maintaining and updating software.

  3. Requirements workflow –
    Analyzing the problem space for identifying/understanding the problems and finding a solution. Evolving the requirement artifacts for example use cases, requirements and design documents/specifications which helps describe the function, architecture, and design of software.

  4. Design workflow –
    Modelling the software is done to express the software design where Software modeling will address the entire software design. Evolving the architecture and design artifacts.

  5. Implementation workflow –
    In this workflow the implementation of the designs and architectures are done by programming the components. Along with this implantation and deployment artifacts are evolved.

  6. Assessment workflow –
    Assessing the trends in process. Product quality assessment is carried here by analyzing quality attributes of the product and defect management of the product.

  7. Deployment workflow –
    In this workflow the process of delivering the end products to the user is carried or preparing the software application/product to run and operate in a specific environment is done.

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