Process for Software Developer Interview Experience

Round 1:
Aptitude and coding exam on paper.If you perform good in those exams, you will be called for HR round.

Round 2:
In this round, Hr will ask general questions like what my future goal is, what i know about the company, e.t.c.If you want to pass this round, you behave good with the HR.Your answers should not make her think that you are doing show off.

Round 3:
It’s a technical interview.First they will ask us to introduce our self. After that they will go through our resume and ask questions about our project.The real interview starts now.Once you speak a technical word about your project, they will ask you what does mean.Again you speak some other technical word explaining your previous question, they will again asks you to explain this new word.They will keep on building questions depending on our answers. For me the technical interview was done like this. You need to switch between topics within a short span of time.  

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