Print first m multiples of n without using any loop in Python

Given n and m, print first m multiples of a m number without using any loops in Python.


Input : n = 2, m = 3
Output : 2 4 6 

Input : n = 3, m = 4
Output : 3 6 9 12 

We can use range() function in Python to store the multiples in a range.
First we store the numbers till m multiples using range() function in an array, and then print the array with using (*a) which print the array without using loop.

Below is the Python implementation of the above approach:





# function to print the first m multiple
# of a number n without using loop.
def multiple(m, n):
    # inserts all elements from n to 
    # (m * n)+1 incremented by n.
    a = range(n, (m * n)+1, n)
# driver code 
m = 4
n = 3
multiple(m, n)



3 6 9 12

Note : In Python 3, print(*(range(x)) is equivalent to print(" ".join([str(i) for i in range(x)]))

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