Print a character n times without using loop, recursion or goto in C++

Given a character c and a number n, print the character c, n times. We are not allowed to use loop, recursion and goto.

Examples :

Input : n = 10, c = 'a'
Output : aaaaaaaaaa

Input  : n = 6, c = '\n'
Output :

Input  : n = 6, character = '@'
output : @@@@@@

In C++, there is a way to initialize a string with a value. It can be used to print a character as many times as we want. While declaring a string, it can be initialized by using the feature provided by c++. It takes 2 arguments. First is the number of times we want to print a particular character and the other is the character itself.

Below is the implementation which illustrates this.





// CPP Program to print a character 
// n times without using loop,
// recursion or goto
using namespace std;
// print function
void printNTimes(char c, int n)
    // character c will be printed n times
    cout << string(n, c) << endl;
// driver code
int main()
    // no of times a character
    // need to be printed
    int n = 6;
    char c = 'G';
    // function calling
    printNTimes(c, n);
    return 0; 




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