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Principal Global Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020

Some Basic Information:

  • Date Visited – First Week of September
  • Number of Students Applied – 383
  • Final Selected Students – 11
  • Internship + Job(Trainee) 

Placement Process 2021 Batch

Information Regarding Aptitude Tests: Principal Global does the shortlisting of candidates using a platform called E-Litmus. E-Litmus conducts a general aptitude test consisting of 3 sections Quantitative, Logical Reasoning, Verbal. The difficulty of these sections is Very Hard. Most of the questions that appear on the test cannot be found anywhere. At least I couldn’t.

The first test is called a Diagnostic Test. Out of 383, 80 were shortlisted after this test. After the Diagnostic test, there’s an E-Litmus PH test. In this round, 30 Students were shortlisted. I don’t remember the number of questions on the diagnostic test, but on the PH test, there were about 60 questions divided into 3 sections as mentioned above.

Interview Rounds: There were 3 interview Rounds and 1 puzzle round.

1st Interview: E-Litmus sent a link for this round, but they didn’t specify what sort of round would be conducted. The interviewer began by asking “Tell me about yourself”. As this was my first ever interview and had no experience of what to say, I literally talked about myself for about 4/5 minutes, It was all relevant to technical and non-technical aspects about me but the interview said “Wow, you’ve told a lot about yourself, let me gather everything for a minute”. What I’d recommend is to keep your intro short and concise.  

Then he started asking me about my projects as to which project have you done in a team. I had done 3 projects, out of which 1 was in a team. So he started asking questions like – What was the project about?, Explain it, The most difficult task in the project, difficulties you’ve faced except the technical ones, etc. He then asked a puzzle – Pick the top 3 horses from 25 horses. After the puzzle, he asked to write the pseudo-code for – reverse a string in n/2 iterations. Then he began asking Personal/behavioral questions like – What do you like about your college, who is your HOD, Who is the director of your college, Why did you choose Computer Science, Why do you do Social Service, etc. This round lasted for about 1hr.

Puzzle Round: This round is fairly easy considering the previous aptitude rounds. Just some Logical puzzles. e.g – What would be the number instead of “?”, etc. There was also a question – Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

2nd Interview: This was Managerial Round. The interviewer was really good. After the initial question – “Tell me about yourself”, We had a long discussion about my project, and he asked do you see your project being deployed in the real world. Then again, I was barged with personal questions like where do you see yourself in 5 yrs, Organized activities,  Social Service, etc. He then asked me to write a pseudo code for  – deleting duplicates in an array without using other DS. Then he asked why I wanted to join Principal, Why do you care about others, etc. Finally, we had a general conversation about the company, how is it dealing with Covid19, etc. This round lasted for 45 mins.

HR Round: Finally, there was an HR round. Was asked to explain the latest project in detail technically. In this round, I was told about the perks I was going to get, etc. This round was for about 20 mins.

Something I’d recommend you do is – 

  • Be confident
  • Do all puzzles properly. At least you should have a basic idea of how to solve it.
  • Make stories about your projects, Social Activities, Organized events and try to speak them fluently
  • The E-Litmus Tests are Very Hard. Practice at least 15/20 days before giving the test.

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