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Presentational vs container components
  • Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2019

In react the components are divided into two categories: presentational components and container components. Each of these have their own characteristics. Let’s look at both of these components in details.
Presentational components

  • Mainly concerned with how things look.
  • Have no major dependencies on the rest of the app.
  • No connection with the specification of the data that is outside the component.
  • Mainly receives data and callbacks exclusively via props.
  • May contain both presentational and container components inside it considering the fact that it contains DOM markup and styles of their own.

For example, the below code denotes a presentational component, and it gets its data from the props and just focuses on showing an element.

// presentational component
const Users = props => 
         { => 
            (<li>{itr}</li>    ))

Container components

  • Mainly concerned with how things work.
  • May contain both presentational and container component but does not have DOM and markup of their own.
  • Provide the data and behaviur to presentational or other container components.
  • Call flux actions and provides these as callbackss to the presentational component.

// container component
    this.state = {   
       itr: []    
 componentDidMount() {   
    axios.get('/users').then(itr=>this.setState({ users: itr}))    
    )  }
render() {
  return<Usersusers={this.state.itr} />  

Finally at the conclusion we can conclude in simple terms that the presentational components are concerned with the look, container components are concerned with making things work.

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