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Microsoft SDE Preparation Test Series By GeeksforGeeks

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2021

It is no secret that Microsoft is one of the dream companies of almost every individual who wants to make an enriching career in the tech world. Whether it be higher salary packages, working on trending technologies, better career opportunities, or any other perks – Microsoft provides you with all. Though to crack the Microsoft interview and get into this leading IT giant is not an easy-to-do task.


You’re required to go through various challenging interview rounds to secure a job. But, on the positive side, the right interview preparation can surely help you to land up a job at Microsoft. And a right interview preparation doesn’t only concern possessing all the required skills and learnings – but you need to test your skills as well before going out for the interview to identify whether you’re actually prepared or not.  

If you’re wondering how to do this – let us tell you, GeeksforGeeks designed Microsoft SDE Test Series for all the candidates who’re preparing for the SDE position at Microsoft. This test series will allow you to test your skills and give your preparation a final touch before applying for top-notch product companies like Microsoft!

What is this Microsoft SDE Test Series…??

We know the importance of practicing and revision while preparing for an interview, and we also know that how a company-specific interview preparation can give you better results – keeping these two points in mind, we’ve designed this Microsoft SDE Test Series that will allow you to assess your skills and preparation level, in particular for the Microsoft interview.  

Here, all the possible questions will be covered and answered which are inclusive of Data Structures and Algorithms as well as Operating Systems, DBMS, and Computer Networks. In addition, there are curated multiple practice tracks, numerous MCQs and Mock Tests, topic-wise distributions of tracks for easy learning, and various other things for you.

Some of the additional prominent features of this test series are provided below:

  • In-depth coverage of questions from Data Structure and Algorithms
  • You have access to hints and complete solutions for each problem
  • You can attempt the Practice Problems in any of the 4 languages- C++, Java, Python, JavaScript.
  • Dedicated track to practice Design Questions and Puzzles.
  • Learning material for Core Computer Subjects such as Operating Systems, DBMS and Networking commonly asked in Microsoft Interviews
  • MCQ based quizzes based on each subject to test your knowledge
  • 10 practice contests for cracking the online coding round for Microsoft
  • 4 Mock Tests based on actual Microsoft Interview Experiences

And the best thing is – this Microsoft SDE Test Series is being provided to you at a highly discounted price of INR 499/-. You can easily register yourself for this course – all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Microsoft SDE Test Series Page
  2. Click on the Signup Button and enter the required details in the form such as name, contact number, etc.
  3. Then pay the required fee, and you’ll get successfully registered for the course.

Note: The payment of the test series subscription can be done via online banking, credit/debit cards, UPI (Google Pay, Paytm, Phone pay, etc).  

Course Content

The content that will be provided in this test series is mentioned below in a detailed manner:  

1. Computer Subjects

  • Operating Systems
  • DBMS
  • Computer Networks

2. Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Algorithms
  • Array | Matrix
  • Mathematics
  • Hashing
  • String
  • Sorting | Searching
  • Sliding Window
  • Greedy
  • Heap
  • Stack and Queue
  • Bit Masking
  • Linked List
  • Binary Tree | Binary Search Tree
  • Recursion and Backtracking
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Divide and Conquer | Graph
  • Trie
  • Design
  • Puzzle

3. Online Coding Assessment

  • The test series includes 10 such Online Coding Assessments specially designed according to the online coding round of Microsoft usually hosted on Mettl.

4. Mock Tests

  • The test series includes 4 Mock Tests.
  • Each test is based on the actual Microsoft Interview Experience posted on our GFG website.
  • Each test includes multiple coding rounds involved in the Interview Process of Microsoft.
  • All the problems are function problems, i.e. you only need to complete the given function rather than writing complete code.
  • You will have access to hints and time complexities. Just like in a real interview, asking for hints may have a negative impact on your overall score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1. I have purchased DSA courses from GeeksforGeeks. Is Microsoft SDE Test Series still beneficial for me?

Ans. Microsoft Test Series may contain some repeated problems from DSA courses. However, you will still get some additional problems to solve specifically asked in Microsoft Interviews, also we will keep on adding new practice problems to tracks. Moreover, we have 10 practice contests that are completely unique and designed specifically based on Microsoft coding interview rounds which are not available in any of the DSA courses.

Q-2. What is the duration of each test?  

Ans: The duration of each test is 1 hour (60 mins).

Q-3. Does the test expire if I do not take it on time?

Ans: No, the test doesnʼt expire. You can take the test anytime after its start date at your convenience.

Q-4. What are the programming languages supported in the contests?

Ans: The participants will be able to submit their codes in any of the languages: C++ or Java or Python.

Q-5: Will I get any Placement Assistance along with the course?

Ans: Let us tell you that the opportunities from the different companies can be viewed on the hiring platform where you can see their current opening & once you have enrolled for this course you can apply for any of the openings.

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