Pratian Technologies Interview Experience

These guys have one of the divergent hiring processes. Let me brief you on the experience that I had.

Round 1: Training

For the first round, you will be trained for 5 days on various technologies from Angular to machine learning. You will also have assessments end of the day. You can easily crack those if you be attentive in the sessions. These assessments will be the deciding factor for qualifying to round 2.

Round 2: Solution Desing Assessment

For the second round, you will be given a case study/project idea which you need to complete within the stipulated timeline. You don’t have to complete the entire project. You need to submit the wireframe and dashboard design.

Round 3: Coding Assessment

For the third round, you will be given two coding questions and you can use any language to solve it moreover you can just write pseudo code the submit it.

Round 4: Technical and HR interview

In the technical interview, you have to explain the solution design that you have submitted in the second round. Also, you have to explain to them how you solved the problems in the coding assessment. Once that is done you have to solve a problem by sharing your screen with the interviewer. If you are selected you will move to the HR round.

HR round will be more of pick from the pool, a standard set of questions will be asked.

You will get a mail from them stating that you are selected.

Happy coding!!!!

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