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Practo Interview Experience | Set 1

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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There were total 3 rounds.

First Round:
It was online coding round, conducted through hackerrank. There were total 6 questions, in which every type of question was there(easy, medium,hard), no need to attend all question I did 2 submission successfully and got selected for next round.

Note: for clear first round practice program from hacker rank website.

1. Frog Racing

2. Chocolate cut into 1X1 size

3. how many character should be added to make string palindrom.

4. Music play list

5. given a number A find the smallest number B . such that AXB in contain 4 and 0 only, zero must not appear before any 4. for ex:- 4440000 is valid but 404004 is not valid.

Second Round: It was a designing round
In this round we have to make a design of app we need to tell how we make that app following all aspects.
We have to design a cricket app, in which we need to show all running matches, how many member playing in each team, their record, strike rate, required run rate , ball by ball record each and everything. We have to visualize how app will look, what extra option you want to add etc.

Third Round:

It was technical round, question were asked from coding, sql,os,ds, some puzzles, project.

1. Describe you project

2. write a code to check if two given string are anagram or not .

3. By tossing a coin we can get either head or tail, i have a function toss() which return head or tail with equal probability.
You have to write a function for dice which will return number from 1-6 with equal probability.
constraints : you can not use random function, you can use only toss function.

4. Write a query to fetch duplicate email from table,

5. find second max value from a total column.

6. Mango, Apple, mixed puzzle
and many more….

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