Power2SME Interview Experience for Java Developer

There are total 5 rounds.

Round 1: This was a technical round. The interviewer firstly asked me about my project. Then, he started by asking the basic question of core java like static vs instance, interface in Java 8 vs abstract class, the implicit object in JSP, Servlet life cycle, directives in angular, some hibernate ques like get vs load, object states, spring DI and IOC,   scopes of a bean. He covered most of the topic of Java and some basics of the front end (js and angular). The round takes around 1 hour. After some time the next round starts.

Round 2: The interviewer asked about the depth knowledge of java. He asked many ques from collection like concurrent Hashmap vs synchronized hashmap, ArrayList vs LinkedList, comparable and comparator use, internal working of hashmap and HashSet, tree set, singleton class. After that, he also asked about SQL queries like find top 5th greater salary, use of inner join, then some algorithms also like to find the next greater element in an array. After that, HR told me that I qualify for the next round. The second round takes around 40-50 minutes.

Round 3: This was the managerial round. The manager asked me about my project, then about exception handling in java, oops concept, the difference between overloading and overriding, custom exception, annotations in spring,

Round 4: This was HR round. She was the polite and nice person. She asked me about myself and my career orientation in future, then about my family, current package and expected package and give brief information about her company.

Round 5: The final round was with head HR. He asked about myself and then a discussion about salary component.

Finally, I got an offer letter from that company. The working environment of the company was very good. The best thing about the company that they care about there employees.

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