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Postman Interview Experience | Software Engineering Internship 2020 (Off Campus)

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Postman conducted its Software engineering internship drive this year also like previous years. The type of questions and patterns were basically the same. And they were offering a six months internship with a stipend per month with full-time opportunity after successful completion. The package was depending on the internship performance.

So, there were Four Rounds:

  1. Online Coding Round
  2. Technical Interview 1
  3. Technical Interview 2
  4. H.R Round.

Round 1 – Online Coding Round: This round is conducted on the Hackerrank platform and it consists of 3 Coding Questions with 17 MCQ based on basic computer science subjects. Coding questions consist of a string question, a typical BFS question, and one problem on Dynamic Programming. MCQ questions are basically from Operation Systems, DBMS, Computer Networks.

Round 2 – Technical interview -1: After clearing round 1, I got a mail for a technical interview that is scheduled on Google Meet. In this round, I have been asked to explain my projects and previous Internship. After that interviewer asked me questions on Operating systems, DBMS, and Computer Networks. It is about 45 minutes round.

Sharing the Question’s interviewer asked:

  1. Tell me about your Projects and Internship.
  2. Difference between a container and an image in Docker.
  3. What is System calls and explain it’s working?
  4. What is a Kernel and what are the types of Kernel available?
  5. What happens when we type a URL in the browser?
  6. What is API define in layman’s terms?
  7. What is Rest API?
  8. How does the browser get to know which type of content is coming from the server?
  9. How does the browser get to know whether the connection is successful or not?
  10. Tell me the different types of status codes in the Http response header.
  11. How passwords are stored in the Database?
  12. Which is more secure Hashing or Encryption?
  13. Difference between Http and Https.
  14. Can the database be migrated? If yes explain the process.
  15. What is IAM in AWS?
  16. How we can make two services in AWS talk to each other?

So, after this, I received a mail stating we cannot move forward with your application. Hence, this is an overall experience I have gained.

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Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2020
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