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Postman Interview Experience | Software Developer Internship 2019 (Off-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020
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Round 1-Coding Round
It consist of 17 MCQ and 3 coding Question . A total of 90 mins were given for both the MCQ and coding part.
MCQ was based on DBMS , Networking , C ,C ++,Logic Gates,Data Structures .

1. You are given an array a of size N. Your task it to divide the elements of array into two parts. Such that the first part N/2 elements are strictly increasing and next N/2 elements are non decreasing. If it is not possible to divide the array in such a way, then change the minimum number of elements in the array such that the array can be divided in the mentioned manner.Your task is to change the array in the required way.Since there is more than one way to obtain such array, print the lexicography smallest array.
Note: It is allowed to swap any two elements of the array any number of times.
In a single line output a single integer k denoting the minimum number of elements in the array that must be changed In the next line print N space separated integers denoting the modified elements of the array.

2. Segment Tree Concept

3. Easy Logical

Round 2-Technical Telephonic(27 min)
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Explain your project
3. Why do you want to join Postman?
4. Have you ever used Postman API?
5. Are you comfortable using API ?
6. What is function Overloading and function Overriding?
7. Have you heard about garbage collection in C++?
8. What are transactions in dbms?
9. What are ACID properties? Explain them?
10. Are you comfortable with trees?
11. Discussions Related to my project.
12. How will you check if a HTML code is a valid HTML code?
13. Do you have any questions?
Round 2-Technical Telephonic (21 min)
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Detail discussion on my project which was not discussed in previous interview.
3. Which team would you like to be in? Any particular interest?

Verdict: Selected

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