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Postman Interview Experience for Software Engineer Backend | Off-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021

Application: I applied through a recruiter on Linkedin. I interviewed at Postman in June 2021

Process: It was a one-month process. I was reached out by HR for telephonic call and then informed me that there were 5 rounds in total. Overall the process was great and I got till the last round of the interview.

Round 1(Technical Knowledge): Questions regarding projects were asked (approach used, challenges faced etc). Also questions like event loop in javascript, async nature were asked.

Round 2(Coding): Implement REST API for given problem (nested comments for social network) was to be implemented in 45 minutes, then code walkthrough and questions were asked on the code.

Round 3(System Design): Was asked to design URL shortener. Then scalability and improvement on the designed system was discussed.

Round 4(Problem-Solving): The interview did not ask to code. He kept asking questions related to problem-solving and I had to tell approach to solve it and also dry run it. Could solve 2.

Round 5(Hiring Manager): Final round with Engineering Manager. I was asked about my background, projects, internships, way of working etc.

Verdict: Rejected

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