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PNG Full Form
  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It could be organized for storing bit-mapped (raster) pictures on the computer. It is additionally known as a successor of GIF arrange pictures. It uses the less compression procedure to save pictures like GIF records but without copyright issues.



Portable Network Graphics Format was developed in early 1995. The main reason behind its development was the limitation of 256 colors only in GIF. PNG has a file extension “.png”.But for pictures with a few contents or line art, it’s superior, since the pictures see less “bitmappy.” Portable Network Graphics Arrange was created in early 1995.
It’s utilized nearly solely for web pictures, never for print pictures. For photos, PNG is not as good as JPEG, since it makes a bigger record. Animated designs inferred from PNG are MNG and APNG, which is in reverse consistent with PNG and supported by most browsers.


  • File Size Factors:
    • Color Depths
    • Ancillary Chunks
    • Interlacing
    • Compression
    • Filters
  • Lossy PNG Support: Although PNG may be a lossless organize, PNG encoders can preprocess image information in a lossy mold to progress PNG compression. For case, quantizing a truecolor PNG to 256 colors permits the ordered color sort to be utilized for a likely decrease in size of the file.
  • Image Editing Program: Adobe Photoshop’s execution on PNG records has moved forward within the CS Suite when utilizing the Spare For Web include (which moreover permits express PNG/8 utilize).
  • Different devices are accessible for optimizing PNG records:
    • (optionally) expelling auxiliary chunks
    • reducing color profundity, either
      • use a palette (rather than RGB) in case the picture has 256 or less colors
      • use a littler palette, on the off chance that the picture has 2, 4, or 16 colors, or (optionally) lossily dispose of some of the data within the unique image.
    • optimizing line-by-line channel choice
    • optimizing Flatten compression.


  • Portability:Transmission is free of the program and equipment platform.
  • Completeness: it’s conceivable to speak to truecolour, indexed-colour, and greyscale images.
  • Efficiency: any dynamic picture introduction, compression and sifting looks for productive translating and presentation.
  • Compression: pictures can be compressed effectively and consistently.
  • Easiness: the execution of the standard is easy.
  • Interchangeability: any PNG decoder that takes after the guidelines can peruse all PNG information streams.


  • Not great for expansive pictures since they tend to create a really expansive file size .
  • Sometime makes expansive records than JPEG .
  • Cannot be animated .
  • Not all web browsers can back PNG.

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