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Plant Maintenance

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  • Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2020
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Plant maintenance is a type of module that provides an integrated solution which supports the operational needs of an enterprise-wide system. This module includes all the products that covers all aspects for the maintenance of plant or equipment in good operating conditions to avoid production stoppage and loss. It also becomes integral to access the achievement of the process improvement.

Figure : Organization Structure Of Plant Maintenance

The major subsystems of a plant maintenance are :

  1. Preventive maintenance control :
    Preventive maintenance control enables the organization to lower repair cost by avoidance of down time, machine breakage and process variability. It also provide planning, scheduling and control of facilities.

  2. Equipment tracking :
    An equipment is a useful thing which needs to be protect and monitor. It’s cost constitute the single largest expenditure of an organization.

  3. Component tracking :
    Components are the subsets of larger equipment and also it deserve same amount of cost control expenditure. It enables expenditure managers to identify components with repair problems.

  4. Plant maintenance calibration tracking :
    It allows organizations to fully use their investments in the plant maintenance module.

  5. Plant maintenance warranty claims tracking :
    It is an administrative system to provide control of all items covered by manufacturer and vendor warranties. It includes the ability to establish the type and length of warranty.

Objectives of Plant Maintenance :

  • It helps in minimizing the loss of production time due to any equipment failure .
  • It helps in quality and product improvement.
  • It keeps all the assets in proper working conditions.

Advantages of Plant Maintenance :

  • It helps in reduction of breakdown losses.
  • It helps in reduction of quality defects.
  • It increases net quality profits.
  • It reduces maintenance cost.

Disadvantages of Plant Maintenance :

  • It increases investments in diagnostics equipment.
  • It also increases investment in staff training.
  • Saving potential that is not readily seen by the management.
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