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Place_forget() method using Tkinter in Python

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To hide or forget a widget from the parent widget or screen in tkinter, the place_forget() method is used on that widget based on place geometry management.

Syntax: widget.place_forget() 

Parameter: None
Return: None

Below is the implementation : 


# Imports everything from tkinter
# and ttk module
from tkinter import *
from tkinter.ttk import *
# toplevel window
root = Tk()
# setting window size
# label widget
label = Label(root, text="LABEL")
# place in the window, y=5)
# button widgets
# In command attribute of Button,
# place_forget() method is passed
# in the lambda function to temporarily
# hide the label
b1 = Button(root, text = "hide text",
            command = lambda: label.place_forget()) = 0.3, y = 30)
# the label is placed again
b2 = Button(root, text = "retrieve text",
            command = lambda:
              relx = 0.4)) = 0.3, y = 50)
# Start the GUI



After hiding:


After retrieving:


Note: There are other methods pack_forget() and grid_forget() that work the same way as forget_pack() and forget_grid() .

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Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2020
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