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Pickrr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for SDE-1 Frontent Developer

  • Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021

Round 1:- Build a React Project (2 days)

A project on small e-commerce site for adding item to cart, adding to fav and search functionality. Using Ant Design as design library is a plus

Round 2:- Technical Interview 1 (1 hr)

  1. DSA question on flattening the nested array.
  2. Birds in tree puzzle:
  3. Javascript questions on variables, hoisting, currying, event loop, closures.
  4. React questions on state, props, react memo, hooks, rendering algorithm, lifecycle methods.

Round 3:- Technical Interview 2 (1 hr)

  1. Advance Javascript questions on prototypal inheritance, event loop, browser API’S, scripting attacks.
  2. Optimization Techniques on the frontend.

Round 4:- Final discussion with CEO (1 hr)

  1. Behavioral questions (Technical Fit)
  2. Behavioral questions (Cultural Fit)

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