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Pickrr Interview Experience for SDE-1

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  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021

Technical Interview Round – 1: The interview started with my introduction, and then the interviewer asked me to brief about my internships and my responsibilities there. Then he began with Data Structures and Algorithm questions. The first two questions were based on array. 

  • The first question was to find the second minimum element in the array, I gave O(N) solution. 
  • The second question was based on the infinite array. I was asked to find the position of a particular element in an infinitely going sorted array. They were medium to hard level questions, and the interviewer was expecting an optimized solution, so I started with a brute force solution and then optimized it. 
  • Then I was asked a variation of the island questions in which I gave a BFS solution. The interviewer seemed satisfied with my answers.

Result – I cleared this round then HR scheduled my next round.

Technical Interview Round – 2: This round started with my introduction. I was asked two puzzles. 

  • The second one was a variation of the first one. The puzzle was to identify a fake ball among nine balls using a minimum number of weights. So I gave the most optimized solution possible for this problem. 
  • He seemed satisfied with this, then he introduced some variation in this, and I also told the solution for that. 
  • After this, he asked me 1 question on linked lists. It was based on traversing the linked list, but with some constraints, the problem was on the easy side, and the interviewer was more interested in edge cases, so I explained every edge case possible for that, and he seemed satisfied. Then I was asked the OOPS concept and some Operating system questions, which I answered.

Result – I cleared this round then HR scheduled my next round.

Technical Interview Round – 3: This was a discussion round, so we mainly discussed how pickrr functions, the future prospects of pickrr, and what value I can add to the company.

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