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PHP | strnatcasecmp() Function

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2019

The strnatcasecmp() function is a built-in function in PHP which compares this string using “natural order” algorithm. This function accepts two strings as parameter and returns an integer value (positive, negative or zero ). This function is similar to strnatcmp() with the only difference being the case-insensitivity of the function.


strnatcasecmp( $string1, $string2 )

Parameters: The function accepts two mandatory string parameters as shown in the above syntax. These parameters are defined below :

  • $string1: This parameter specifies the first string to be compared.
  • $string2: This parameter specifies the second string to be compared.

Return Values: This function returns a positive integer, negative or 0 based on the below conditions:

  • Returns 0 if the two strings are equal
  • Returns a positive value (>0) if the $string1 is greater than $string2.
  • Returns a negative value (<0) if the $string1 is less than $string2.


Input : $string = "Geek", $string2 = "GEEK"
Output : 0

Input : $string = "Geeks", $string2 = "Geek"
Output : 1

Below programs illustrate the strnatcasecmp() function:

Program 1: This program illustrates simple use of the strnatcasecmp() function.

echo strnatcasecmp("Geeks", "Geek");



Program 2: This program illustrates case-insensitivity of the strnatcasecmp() function.

// Case-insensitive strnatcasecmp() function
echo strnatcasecmp("Geeks", "GEEKS");
echo "\n";
// Case-sensitive strnatcmp() function
echo strnatcmp("Geeks", "GEEKS");


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