PHP program to check for Anagram

We are given two strings, we need to check if strings are Anagram.


Input : "anagram", "nagaram"
Output : yes

Input : "mat", "fat"
Output : no

We use the below inbuilt function to solve this problem:

  • count_chars(): this function generally has syntax count_chars(string, return_mode) is use to perform several operations related to string. This parameter is optional. It takes value to 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

The idea to solve this problem using the above mentioned function is, to use value 1 i.e. in this chosen mode the above function will return an array with key value pairs, where keys are ASCII values and corresponding values will be the number of occurrences of that ASCII value. The array possess only those keys as ASCII values whose frequency is more than 0.





// PHP code to check a given string is an anagram
// of another or not
    function is_anagram($string_1, $string_2)
        if (count_chars($string_1, 1) == count_chars($string_2, 1))
            return 'yes';
            return 'no';       
    // Driver code
    print_r(is_anagram('program', 'grampro')."\n");
    print_r(is_anagram('card', 'cart')."\n");



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