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PHP | Print the last value of an array without affecting the pointer

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We are given an array with key-value pair, and we need to find the last value of array without affecting the array pointer.


Input : $arr = array('c1' => 'Red', 'c2' => 'Green', 
                          'c3' => 'Blue', 'c4' => 'Black')
Output : Black

Input : $arr = array('p1' => 'New York', 'p2' => 'Germany', 
                        'p3' => 'England', 'p4' => 'France')
Output : France

The above problem can be easily solved using PHP. The idea is to create a copy of the original array and then use the array_pop() inbuilt function, to get the last value of the array. As we are using the array_pop() function on the copy array, so the pointer of the original array remains unchanged.

Built-in function used:

  • array_pop(): The function is used to delete or pop the last element of an array.

Below is the implementation of the above approach:

    // Input Array
    $array = array('c1' => 'Delhi', 'c2' => 'Kolkata'
                    'c3' => 'Mumbai', 'c4' => 'Bangalore');
    // Copied Array
    $copyArray = $array;
    // getting last element from Copied array    
    $lastElement = array_pop($copyArray);
    // displaying the last element of the array 
    // displaying the original array


    [c1] => Delhi
    [c2] => Kolkata
    [c3] => Mumbai
    [c4] => Bangalore
Last Updated : 26 Mar, 2018
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