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PHP | php_strip_whitespace() Function

  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2019

The php_strip_whitespace() is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to remove all comments and whitespace from the source code.


string php_strip_whitespace ( $file )

Parameters: The php_strip_whitespace() function accepts a single parameter $file. It is a mandatory parameter which specifies the file.

Return value: It returns the source code of $file after removing the comments and whitespace on success otherwise it returns an empty string.


  • It works on PHP 5.0.1 and later versions, it returns an empty string in previous versions.
  • This function works similar as php -w command line.

Below programs illustrate the php_strip_whitespace() function in PHP:

// Simple program to remove comment
// using php_strip_whitespace function.
// function to calculate fibonacci number
function fib($n)
    if ($n <= 1)
        return $n;
    return fib($n - 1) + fib($n - 2);
// Driver Code
$n = 9;
* One more multiline comment 
echo php_strip_whitespace(__FILE__);
// This line also removed 
function fib($n) { if ($n <= 1) return $n; 
return fib($n - 1) + fib($n - 2); } $n = 9;
fib($n); echo php_strip_whitespace(__FILE__); 


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