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PHP | join() Function

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The join() function is built-in function in PHP and is used to join an array of elements which are separated by a string. Syntax

string join( $separator, $array)

Parameter: The join() function accepts two parameters out of which one is optional and one is mandatory.

  • $separator : This is an optional parameter and is of string type. The values of the array will be join to form a string and will be separated by the $separator parameter provided here. This is optional, if not provided the default is “” (i.e. an empty string)
  • $array : The array whose value is to be joined to form a string.

Return Type: The return type of join() function is string. It will return the joined string formed from the elements of $array. Examples:

Input : join(array('Geeks','for','Geeks')
Output : GeeksforGeeks

Input : join("-",array('Geeks','for','Geeks')
Output : Geeks-for-Geeks

Below program illustrates the working of join() function in PHP: 


    // PHP Code to implement join function
    $InputArray = array('Geeks','for','Geeks');
    // Join without separator
    // Join with separator


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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2023
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