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PHP | IntlCalendar getErrorCode() Function

  • Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2019

The IntlCalendar::getErrorCode() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which returns the numeric ICU error code for the last call on this object or the IntlCalendar given for the calendar parameter. This function can indicate a warning message (negative error code) or no error.


  • Object oriented style
    int IntlCalendar::getErrorCode( void )
  • Procedural style
    int intlcal_get_error_code( IntlCalendar $calendar )

Parameters: This function uses single parameter $calendar which holds the calendar object on the procedural style interface.

Return Value: This function returns the ICU error code which indicates either success, failure or a warning message.

Below program illustrates the IntlCalendar::getErrorCode() function in PHP:


// Set the DateTime zone
ini_set('date.timezone', 'Asia/Calcutta');
// Set the intl error level
ini_set("intl.error_level", E_WARNING);
// Declare a DateTime object and store it into variable
$calendar = IntlCalendar::fromDateTime('2019-03-21 09:19:29');
// Display the error code and message
// Declare a DateTime object and store it into variable
$calendar->fieldDifference(-34E403, IntlCalendar::FIELD_ZONE_OFFSET);
// Display the error code and message
PHP Warning:  IntlCalendar::fieldDifference(): intlcal_field_difference: Call to ICU method has
failed in /home/d0608573e6cb44f285316ff59fb833b0.php on line 19
string(12) "U_ZERO_ERROR"
string(81) "intlcal_field_difference: Call to ICU method has failed: U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR"


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