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PHP | ImagickPixel getColorValue() function

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The ImagickPixel::getColorValue() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to get the normalized value of the provided color channel for a given ImagickPixel’s color. The normalized value is a floating-point number between 0 and 1.


float ImagickPixel::getColorValue( int $color )

Parameters:This function accepts a single parameter $color which holds one of COLOR constants.

List of all COLOR constants are given below:

  • imagick::COLOR_BLACK (11)
  • imagick::COLOR_BLUE (12)
  • imagick::COLOR_CYAN (13)
  • imagick::COLOR_GREEN (14)
  • imagick::COLOR_RED (15)
  • imagick::COLOR_YELLOW (16)
  • imagick::COLOR_MAGENTA (17)
  • imagick::COLOR_OPACITY (18)
  • imagick::COLOR_ALPHA (19)
  • imagick::COLOR_FUZZ (20)

Return Value: This function returns an float value containing the normalized value of the color value.

Exceptions: This function throws ImagickException on error.

Below given programs illustrate the ImagickPixel::getColorValue() function in PHP:
Program 1:

// Create a new imagickPixel object
$imagickPixel = new ImagickPixel('#ad4c45');
// Get the Color value with imagick::COLOR_RED
$colorValue = $imagickPixel->getColorValue(imagick::COLOR_RED);
echo $colorValue;



Program 2:

// Create a new imagick object
$imagick = new Imagick(
// Get the image histogram
$histogramElements = $imagick->getImageHistogram();
// Get the 301th pixel
$getPixel = $histogramElements[300];
// Get the Color value with imagick::COLOR_GREEN
$colorValue = $getPixel->getColorValue(imagick::COLOR_GREEN);
echo $colorValue;




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Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2020
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