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PHP | gmp_gcd() Function

  • Last Updated : 09 Apr, 2018

The gmp_gcd() is an in built function in PHP which is used to calculate the GCD of 2 GMP numbers (GNU Multiple Precision : For large numbers).


gmp_gcd ( $num1, $num2 )

Parameters: This function accepts two GMP numbers $num1 and $num2 as parameters. This function calculates the GCD of these two numbers.

Return Value: This function returns a positive GMP number which is the GCD of $num1 and $num2.


Input : gmp_gcd("12", "21")
Output : 3

Input : gmp_gcd("15", "30")
Output : 15

Explanation: In the above example gmp_gcd() function calculates the greatest common divisor of num1 and num2. The result is always positive even if either of, or both, input operands are negative.

Below programs illustrate the gmp_gcd() function in PHP.

Program 1:

$gcd = gmp_gcd("12", "21");
echo gmp_strval($gcd) . "\n";



Program 2:

$gcd = gmp_gcd("15", "30");
echo gmp_strval($gcd) . "\n";




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