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PHP Gmagick Functions Complete Reference

Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2023
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Gmagick is the PHP extension used to create, modify and obtain meta information of an image using GraphicsMagick API. The Gmagick consists of Gmagick, GmagickDraw, and GmagickPixel class.

Example: Below programs illustrate the Gmagick::getpackagename()Function in PHP:

Original Image:



// Create new Gmagick object
$im = new Gmagick(
// Using getpackagename function
echo $im->getpackagename();



The list of complete Gmagick Functions are given below:



Gmagick::addImage() New image to Gmagick object image list.
Gmagick::addnoiseimage() Add noise in given image.
Gmagick::annotateImage() Annotates an image with text.
Gmagick::blurimage() Add blur filter to the image.
Gmagick::borderImage() Draw the border in an image.
Gmagick::charcoalimage() Rotate an image with given degrees
Gmagick::chopimage() Remove the region of an image and trim it.
Gmagick::clear() Clear all resources associated to Gmagick object
Gmagick::commentImage() Add the comment in an image.
Gmagick::cropimage() Extracts the region of the image
Gmagick::cropthumbnailimage() Creates a fixed size thumbnail image by scaling the image down.
Gmagick::drawimage() Render the GmagickDraw object on the current image.
Gmagick::edgeimage() Enhance the image edges using convolution filter of the given radius.
Gmagick::embossimage() Returns a grayscale image with a three-dimensional effect.
Gmagick::enhanceimage() Applies the digital filter to improve quality.
Gmagick::equalizeimage() Equalizes the histogram of an image.
Gmagick::flipimage() Creates a mirror image by reflecting the pixels along the x-axis.
Gmagick::flopimage() Creates a mirror image along the y-axis.
Gmagick::gammaimage() Corrects the image by providing the Gamma-correction.
Gmagick::getcopyright() Returns a string containing current Gmagick API copyright.
Gmagick::getimagechanneldepth() Return the depth for channel image.
Gmagick::getimagedepth() Gets the depth of the image
Gmagick::getImageDispose() Return the image disposal method.
Gmagick::getimageformat() Returns the format of an image.
Gmagick::getImageMatte() Get the matte channel of an Gmagick object.
Gmagick::getImageRenderingIntent() Get the image rendering intent
Gmagick::getimageresolution() Get the resolution of an image object.
Gmagick::getimagescene() Get the image scene of an image.
Gmagick::getimagesignature() Generate an SHA-256 message digest for an image.
Gmagick::getimageunits() Get the units of resolution of a particular image.
Gmagick::getpackagename() Get the GraphicsMagick package name.
Gmagick::getreleasedate() Return the GraphicsMagick release date as a string.
Gmagick::getversion() Return the Gmagick API version.
Gmagick::implodeimage() Creates a new image that is a copy of existing image
Gmagick::magnifyimage() Scales an image into twice of its original size.
Gmagick::medianfilterimage() Apply a digital filter that improves the quality of a noisy image.
Gmagick::minifyimage() Scale an image proportionally to half of its original size.
Gmagick::modulateimage() Control the brightness, saturation, and hue of an image.
Gmagick::motionblurimage() Simulates motion blur.
Enhances the contrast of a color image by adjusting the color of the pixel to span the entire range of colors
Gmagick::oilpaintimage() Apply a special effect filter that simulates an oil painting.
Gmagick::raiseimage() Creating lightning and darkening the edges of the image.
Gmagick::reducenoiseimage() Set smooth contours of an image while still preserving edge information.
Gmagick::resampleimage() Resample the image to the desired resolution.
Gmagick::resizeimage() Scale an image in given dimensions with a filter.
Gmagick::rollimage() It is used to roll an image.
Gmagick::rotateimage() Rotate an image in the specified number of degrees.
Gmagick::scaleimage() Scale the size of an image to the given dimensions.
Gmagick::setimageblueprimary() Set the depth for a particular image channel.
Gmagick::setimagechanneldepth() Set the depth of a particular channel image.
Gmagick::setimagedepth() Set the depth of a particular image.
Gmagick::setImageDispose() Sets the image disposal method.
Gmagick::setimagerenderingintent() Set the image rendering intent.
Gmagick::setimageresolution() Set the resolution of an image object.
Gmagick::shearimage() Slide one edge of an image along the X or Y axis to create a parallelogram.
Gmagick::solarizeimage() It is used to apply to solarize effect on the image.
Gmagick::spreadimage() Randomly displaces each pixel in a block defined by the variable.
Gmagick::stripimage() Strip an image of all profiles and comments.
Gmagick::swirlimage() Swirl the pixels about the center of the image.


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